A More Efficient Way To Freeze

Maxi-Kool Cryo Mechanical Freezing Technology

Technology that passes our cost savings to you

By incorporating Maxi-Cool Technology, we reduce the operating temperature of our freezing system to equal Cryogenic Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide systems. All at a fraction of the operating cost.

Our optimised freezing system consumes less than 25KW of electricity per hour. With the main operating cost incurred only on electricity, this results in immense cost savings. Savings which we pass on to you.

Benefits of Maxi-Kool tunnel freezer

Taste and Quality of food
  • With an operating temperature of -65°C, food freezes almost immediately
  • Minimal large ice crystal formation to preserve food texture
  • Almost no dehydration, keeping the product’s original taste, texture and quality
Operating Efficiency
  • Low operating cost alternativeto traditional freezing methods
  • No safety hazards associated with Cryogenic systems, such as gas leaks that may lead to suffocation and cold burns
  • Small foot print and large production capacity
  • Able to function all year round at peak capacity to meet ourcustomers’ needs